Transdisciplinary Learning

September 08, 2023

Interloc Transdisciplinary Learning & Book Lauch

Alongside the rising status of interdisciplinarity as a learning experience across disciplines, transdisciplinary research alliances at the cross­roads between science and society have rapidly grown in importance. Increasingly, knowledge resources which are cultivated beyond universities, such as practical knowledge, vocational knowledge, indigenous etc. are being incorporated into uni­versity research practices.

What does this transition imply for academic teaching and learning? Which educational perspectives emerge from it? How do we overcome still existing barriers? On the occasion of the publication of Handbook Transdisciplinary Learning, TU Berlin invites international experts, students, and teachers to exchange their experiences. The conference will focus on a critical appraisal of transdisciplinary education methods and evaluate their potential for future forms of cooperation between science and society.

Panelists include Sonia Massari (University of Pisa), Alhassan Yakubu (Agder University of Kristiansand), Gamel Sankarl (University of Accra), Juliette Cortes-Arevalo (TU Delft), Jimlea Mendoza (Cà Foscari University of Venice), Ulli Vilsmaier (Responsive Research Collective), Ines Langemeyer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), and many others.

The maximum number of participants is reached, no more registrations are possible.

Thank you for understanding!